Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scenes from 2nd Grade Writing Workshop

I was invited to my friend Renee Keeler's 2nd grade classroom to observe a model lesson (along with all the 2nd grade teachers in the district)  with consultant Renee Houser. She trained with Lucy Culkins and is with a group called "Growing Educators." All the teachers met with Renee H. first, but there was a mix-up with the subs, so I, having a credential, volunteered to take over for a half hour. I read a biography of Dr. Suess, then the students read a version on their own. Notice the level of engagement. Loved it!      
Here's Renee Houser, above, conferencing with a table of writers.
Renee's class is set up for "The Daily Five," so you can see lots of "busy brains" in the following photos. 
This story is off to a great start! Notice how this child planned the story by drawing a picture first.

Renee Houser demonstrated how she uses a graph, below,  to show how writing workshop time is divided. This is on display and referred to often. The sticky note star is moved to each section. Time is allowed for:  Set Up (materials), Meeting (planning, mini-lesson), a big chunk of Independent Writing Time, Partner Work, more Independent Writing Time, and Wrap-UP.

Scenes from the classroom. I love the self-portraits and the Daily Five Posters. 


  1. Great pictures! I love to see kids enjoying writing. Thanks for sharing, Rozanne.

  2. You are awesome Rozanne! Wow! It's so great to see the kids, especially my kid enjoy writing:-). Thanks for being a great inspiration! xoxo -carmela