Monday, March 21, 2011

Becoming an independent writer. . .

As a continuation of my previous blog posting, I'd like to share some ideas
from writing consultant Renee Houser: 

"We can live wide-awake writerly lives and capture these moments in our writing notebooks by: 
  •  Writing about things that matter to you, you feel strongly about or perhaps want others to change or think about. . . let your voice be heard!
  • Searching for an object on your body or in your surroundings that may spark a memory
  • Time-lining part of your day
  • Observing people, places, sounds. . .
  • Collecting words, phrases, or parts of texts
  • Rereading old entries and find more to say
  • Rereading old entries in a way that it sparks a new or different memory
  • Sketching a place and then write about it
  • Making a list of things you want to write about, pick one and start writing
  • Being inspired by photographs or artifacts
  • Making a list of questions or wonderings and then search for answers or other questions and thoughts
  • Saying it better. . . reread an entry and find a line or phrase you think you wrote well and write it again, better, clearer . . . "
If beginner writers follow the guidelines above, they won't find themselves in the predicament Cat does in my book, Cat Can't Write.

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  2. I LOVE these ideas about getting inspired to write. They are simple, yet valuable! I am an avid collector of words, phrases, and pictures that move me. I use music to get my creative juices flowing, switching from station to station in the car, from playlist to playlist on my MP3 player.

  3. To ARA: You have the soul of a writer!