Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting Set for Writer's Workshop

Above is one more photo I'd like to share with you from my recent visit to a 2nd grade Writing Workshop in action. Consultant Renee Houser from Growing Educators, who was working with students, tacked up this poster. The set-up routine gets young writers ready, puts them in the right mind-set, and helps them focus on what they will be working on. I love the way this routine sets the expectation that serious writing will be taking place in this session! 

Here's more from Renee Houser's hand-out:
Create rituals and routines around notebook work
 such as:
 *  At the beginning of every writer's workshop, have students edit at least one entry as they sit and wait
for classmates to settle in the meeting area before the mini-lesson begins.

 *  Interrupt students in the middle of the independent work time and challenge them to accomplish a 'quick edit' (you might want to focus each quick edit for something specific each time such as: end marks, capitalization, word wall words, etc.).

*  Provide time for students to reflect on their own note-booking. Perhaps they share their reflections and goals with their partners. Example: I date each entry. I fill the page margin to margin with my writing. I use my writing notebook only for writing. I tend to use  ____  as a strategy because ____ . 

*   Building time during a 1:1 conference to invite students to share their notebook work and goals.

*   Establishing some non-negotiables for notebooks such as:  All entries are dated. Writing should be from margin to margin, etc.
Next, I will be blogging on one of my favorite subjects:
Book-making with beginning readers and writers. Stay tuned!

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