Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where to Get Appropriate Text for K-1 Bookmaking

* Innovations of shared reading material.
* Reproducible emergent readers from resource books
*Traditional poems, songs, rhymes, and chants
* Adaptations of emergent readers
* Download free books from the internet.

For your book-making pleasure, here is a great idea for a class book based on my book below, What Goes Together?

What goes together?
June Swinney, a 1st grade teacher, made this class book with her students. First she read aloud several books with the theme of catagories or things that go together. Then the class brainstormed a long long list of paired objects. From that list they created rhyming couplets. Pairs of students created and illustrated each page of the class Big Book. Adorable!

Friday, June 3, 2011

When is a Good Time to Make Books with K-1 Kids?

When is a Good Time
to Make Books
with K-1 Kids?  
Finding time to make books with your beginning readers can be a challenge.
Here are some good times to keep in mind:
  •  As a learning center activity
  •  Homework
  • When parent volunteers are available (Coordinate this with center time.)
  •  Time with upper grade buddies
If you have other suggestions for how to find time for book-making,
please let me know and I"ll post your ideas!

Here is one of my favorite Cat and Dog books,
with a cool book-making activity that you can download for free. This fun book fits with a social studies theme of "needs vs. wants."
Good Choices for Cat and Dog
Book Making!
Click the images above to download!