Thursday, April 19, 2012

April is National Poetry Month!

Hello fellow poetry lovers. Let's celebrate this special month. Remember . . .
"All good writing is poetry driven." --Deidre Spicer

Every day for the remainder of the month, I will post something poetic in nature to inspire you and share with your students.

Here are two poems featuring reading and writing . . .

    Reading Is Fun
I can read about pirates.
I can read about dogs.
I can read about insects.
I can read about  frogs.
I can read LOTS of books, not just one.
I love to read. Reading is FUN!

           I Love to Write!
I write a list when I want to bake.
I write a postcard when I'm at the lake.
I write in my journal every day.
I write when I have something important to say.

I write a card just to say hello.
I write a report about what I know.
I write a note when I'll be late.
I write when I want to communicate!

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