Friday, June 3, 2011

When is a Good Time to Make Books with K-1 Kids?

When is a Good Time
to Make Books
with K-1 Kids?  
Finding time to make books with your beginning readers can be a challenge.
Here are some good times to keep in mind:
  •  As a learning center activity
  •  Homework
  • When parent volunteers are available (Coordinate this with center time.)
  •  Time with upper grade buddies
If you have other suggestions for how to find time for book-making,
please let me know and I"ll post your ideas!

Here is one of my favorite Cat and Dog books,
with a cool book-making activity that you can download for free. This fun book fits with a social studies theme of "needs vs. wants."
Good Choices for Cat and Dog
Book Making!
Click the images above to download!


  1. Good afternoon, teacher! I'm Silvia from Vigevano. Remember? The course ended this morning (oh, I hope my English is not so bad...)Anyway...I like your blog very much!!!I think it could help me. I follow many homeschooler blogs: if you want, you can see their links in mine .
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  2. Hi Sylvia,
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