Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Notebooks--Big Gains in Reading Fluency


Here is an idea you can use with your beginner readers either in the classroom or at home. It came from my friend--classroom teacher and educational editor-- Barbara Maio. I quote her:
"This is one idea that, in all my years as a first grade teacher, has proven to be THE BEST activity to help my students become fluent readers."   

Here's the HOW TO:
  • Give each student a small notebook, any kind.  Label each notebook with the student's name and title, "Star Reader."
  • During independent reading time, the student chooses a book from his/her book box (previously introduced books). The child reads and rereads the book until she/he can read it perfectly. They can take it home to practice too. 
  • Then when the child can read it perfectly and fluently, he/she reads it to a parent volunteer or the teacher.
  • If the reading is perfect, the students writes the title in the Reading Star notebook.
  • For every 10 books read, the student gets a star or sticker, and then gets to pick a prize from the goodie box. 

That's it! Remember:
Rereading builds fluency.

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  1. What a great idea! I'm going to give it a go!