Thursday, January 6, 2011

Music Improves Brain Function

As I was cleaning off my desk this morning, I found this powerful quote from Richard Flowers:

Research proves children that use music to learn and have a background in music outperform their peers in all subjects. I tell my parents that using music to learn is like putting a hemi in your brain!

And here are 10 reasons to sing from Dr. Jean Feldman:

1. Music is multisensory. The more senses you use to reach the brain, the more likely the message will get there.
2. If children are exposed to concepts while singing, they will learn those concepts more easily when they are formally introduced.
3. Music nurtures phonological awareness such as alliteration and rhyme.
4. Music activiates the brain. It can be used as an "indicator" to help children know what to expect. It can also energize learning.
5. Songs and chants are a natural way to develop oral language, auditory memory, and fluency.
6. Poems and songs lay a foundation for common knowledge in the classroom.
7. Chidren are able to use their imaginations and create pictures in their brains when they sing. This is an important part of reading comprehension.
8. Repetition is a key to learning. Children will enjoy singing songs over and over again.
9. Singing and dancing relieve stress and oxygenate the brain.
10. Through music and movement, all children can feel successful. A "community of learners" is enhanced when teachers and children enjoy something together!

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  1. This is true! My students love to listen to quiet music while they are working. I have a couple of CDs with fun kid's songs on them. Throughout the day we take "brain breaks" and dance to one of the silly songs. It really does re-energize them and I love to watch them smile and giggle as they dance.