Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello and Good-bye and All Day at School

Hello reading writing friends!
I'm thinking about hello and good-by songs. What a great way to start and end the school day. One "Hello" song I used was :

Hello, hello, hola! I (or bonjour, ni hao, Jambo, Konnichiwa, etc.)
Hello, hello, hola!
I'll sing it once, I'll sing it again.
Hello, hello, hola!

Here's a cute "Good-by" chant from my friend Majella.

Our day at school is over,
And we are going home.
Good-by! Good-by!
We are going home.

We stop, we look, we listen. (Slowly and dramatically, add hand motions)
Before we cross the street.
First we use our eyes and ears.
And then we use our feet!

And for the time in between the hellos and good-bys, check out these books about school.

Do you have a great hello or good-by song you'd like to share? Please send it in!  

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