Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parents! 10 Surefire Ways to Get Your Kids Reading!

  1. Read aloud to your kids everyday.
Reading together can help build close relationships and sends the positive message: "I want to spend time with you."

2. Two words--BUY BOOKS. Children need to own books of their own. Favorite ones will be read over and over and will give readers a chance to experience the books in different ways. Rereading builds fluency and comprehension skills.

3. Visit the library and bookstores often. Participate in special programs and story times. Attend book festivals.
Read aloud to your kids everyday.
 Reading and storytelling build vocabulary skills and word power--the power to communicate.

5. "Read the world!" Invite your early reader to read street and store signs, billboards, cereal boxes, recipes, grocery lists, mail, etc.

6. Talk it up! Discuss the books you are reading with your child. Ask questions like: "Why do you think . . . ?" "What would happen if. . .?" or "Can you think of a new ending for the story?"
Read aloud to your kids every day.
 Reading aloud promotes good listening skills. Good listeners are good learners.

8. Turn it off! Whether it's TV, electronic games, ipod, computer games, etc. etc. etc. Involve your child in the real world.

9. Sing songs, chant rhymes and simple poems. Play word games like "piglatin" and board games using reading such as Monolpoly Jr.

Read aloud to your kids every day.
 Research proves that reading at home gives your child an advantage in school. Children learn to read by reading!

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